10 Steps to Creating an AWESOME Contest on Facebook!

Jun 29

10 Steps to Creating an AWESOME Contest on Facebook!
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Are you thinking about running a contest on Facebook?

Did you know that FB has some very specific Rules & Regs about creating contests on Facebook

As much as it would be great to simply create a post on your wall and ask people to post photo’s or guess an answer to get a prize etc, it’s completely forbidden to simply post a competition on your wall.

But contests on FB really are an amazing way of driving 1000′s of new prospective customers to your page and your business!

So to make sure you set up and run a really successful contest here are my Top 10 Tips to Creating an Awesome Competition on Facebook!

  • 1. Always follow Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines! Make sure you use a 3rd party app, don’t use FB’s features as a mechanism for entering your contest, ensure you acknowledge the competition is not connected to FB in anyway etc! Read the rules!
  • 2. Offer a fantastic and very attractive prize / prizes, but make them relevant to your market! The aim here is to attract targeted customers, so don’t just offer an iPad3 that anyone and everyone wants!
  • 3. Make your contest easy to enter! Sweepstakes are the best! Enter your email and go into a draw. Quick & Easy!
  • 4. Define your objectives before you create your competition. Do you want more fans? Do you want email addresses? Do you want testimonials or content from your fans? You must know why you’re running a contest, so you can set it up to meet your objectives.
  • 5. Make your contest easy to share. Ensure your thank you page has share links so people can share, tweet, comment etc. Give sharing incentives so by sharing your competition entrants have a greater chance of winning!
  • 6. Keep your contest short and build loads of anticipation / engagement! So 1 / 2 weeks is optimum. A 6 month contest is going to be tough to keep up the excitement!
  • 7. Use a creative design to promote your contest. Make it interesting and promotional for your business / brand.
  • 8. Promote your contest like crazy! Don’t just build it and leave it, get out there! Tell the world you’re running an awesome contest and they must enter and their friends must enter!
  • 9. Track your contest. Keep stats, so you can measure how successful it’s been, whether it met your objectives and what you can do to improve next time!
  • 10. Use a 3rd party app, that makes building contests incredibly easy and talks to your auto responder so you’re capturing all the details of your entrants! (Just so happens, I can help with that!
  • Bonus Point 11! Attend our webinar this Saturday which covers all these points and more!

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  • …and of course live Q & A at the end!
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    Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions! Hope to see you Saturday!


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