5 Ways to Make Your Website Facebook Friendly

Feb 07

5 Ways to Make Your Website Facebook Friendly
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Facebook has over 800 million active users and it’s expected that by August this year there are going to be one billion users on facebook.

If you aren’t already, you need to make an effort to attract at least a tiny fraction of your target audience to your website from facebook. You need to then take advantage of these visitors and spread more information about your website on facebook and get more “likes” and subscribers.

The best way to do this is by integrating your website with facebook – you need to make your website, as facebook friendly as possible, so that content from your website will be regularly published on facebook and you can take advantage of this to drive more traffic to your page and profile.

The steps below will help make your website as facebook friendly as possible:-

1. Like box:

The Like Box is something every blog or website should have. Having the like box can really improve the number of likes you have on facebook, especially if you have got many likes already. For e.g. if someone is browsing through your website and they really like it and they see that you have a like box which displays the number of likes you have got and also has a few photos of the people who like your page – it will definitely encourage the new visitors to “like” your page too.

It could help you even if you don’t have a lot of likes. In this post Jeff Bullas pointed out that, placing the like box on his blog increased the number of fans he had by 1000%. In this post he says that before placing the like box he just had 33 fans and 4 weeks after placing it, the number of likes he had increased to 330. The best place to place it, is in your blog’s side bar just like on this blog.

2. Page button: It’s not enough to just have the Like box on your website. You need to have many other buttons and images which lead visitors from your website to your page. If you want more likes on your page, you need to do all that you can, to divert all your website traffic to your facebook page. If you haven’t already added this button, add it now.

It could be a custom one just like the one on this blog or you could use the regular ones.

3. Subscribe Button:

Now users don’t have to like a page they can directly get in touch with people by subscribing to their profiles. This has been getting really popular as people want to make a connection with a person and not a page. Subscribing to a profile can help you build relations with a person directly.

Mari Smith spoke about the new subscribe feature on the 4th of February (Saturday) in her webinar. She said that it took her 4 years to get 60,000 fans for her fan page, but it just took her 4 months to get 125,000 subscribers.

This is something you should definitely try out too, as you can get subscribers more quickly than fans for your page. So work on getting subscribers and communicate with them directly.

One way to encourage people is to use the above subscribe button.

4. Comments system:

The facebook comments system is an amazing tool. It could be very beneficial, especially if you run a blog, as when someone posts a comment in the comments box, it will be published on their timeline too. For e.g. The other day I came across this article by Jeff Haden on Inc. called The Right Way to Increase Your Klout Score. I liked the article, so I left a comment on it.

The comment not only got published on Inc., but also on my timeline.

This increased the exposure of the post, as all my friends and subscribers could see it too.

Having this facebook comments system can help increase your blog or website traffic.

5. Share, Like and send buttons:

You want to make your content as easily shareable or likeable as possible. A study by Bright Edge found that when you add social share buttons to your website, it’s 7 times more likely that the post or page will be shared. So add the facebook social share buttons wherever you can.

A few good social share buttons have been listed below:-

Share Button: The share button makes it easy for people to share content they see onto their timeline or onto their pages.

Like Button: The like button allows people to like a post or a page.

Send Button: The send button allows people to send the content onto their friends’ timelines, to their email addresses or to a group.

The above tips can help make your website more facebook friendly, which can help you increase your website traffic and also the number of likes and subscribers you have got.

Is your website or blog facebook friendly? Have you got any other tips which can help make websites facebook friendly? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.


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