How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Feb 15

How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn
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You guys may have noticed, but I haven’t really mastered LinkedIn yet! In fact to my shame I haven’t given it any time yet!

Well my good friend Mitt tells me I’m leaving an awful lot of customers and cash on the table!

Here are his Top 3 Ways to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn. Let me know what you think, are you a LinkedIn user?

Over to you Mitt! :)

Are you on LinkedIn?

If you’re not, you need to get on it right now and add it to your Social Media arsenal! A recent study indicated that LinkedIn is actually a better lead generator, than both facebook and twitter. So if you’re serious about generating leads from social media, you must start thinking about using LinkedIn.

The best way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to get more active and display your expertise. You can learn how to this by following the tips below:-

1. Take part in group discussions:

On LinkedIn you have various groups on all kinds of subjects. These groups are visited by both experts and people looking for advice. From time to time people who want their doubts answered will post questions by starting discussions in these groups. If you know the answer to these questions the best thing to do is to answer them and help the person. This will help display your expertise to the members of the group and help you generate leads and make friends with users who are experts on the same topic. (Win Win – says Jo!)

2. Start Discussions:

Instead of waiting for people to start discussions, you can start discussions on the subjects you’re an expert on. The best thing to do is start a discussion and include a link to your blog or website where readers can see some of your work. Another option would be to start a poll using the poll feature on LinkedIn. I have used polls effectively to create many lively discussions on LinkedIn.

3. Use the Answers Tool:

Another great way to display your expertise is by using the answers tool. On LinkedIn you have a tool called the “LinkedIn Answers.” People can visit and ask questions, this gives you the opportunity to answer them and demonstrate your knowledge on the subject. This is one of the best tools to generate leads, as LinkedIn answers are read by both the person who asked the question and people looking for similar answers.

If you follow the above tips and consistently provide quality information on LinkedIn you should soon start generating leads. This can also help increase the amount of traffic your website receives.

Do you use LinkedIn regularly? Has it helped you generate leads? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

Mitt Ray is the Director of imittcopy. Mitt Ray blogs about white papers and social media on his blogs The White Paper Blog and Social Marketing Writing respectively. He is also the author of the book White Paper Marketing.

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