How to Use PinAlerts

Oct 31

How to Use PinAlerts
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How effective is your Pinterest account?

Do you know if your images are being shared?

If not, there is a new tool to help you stay abreast of your competitors.

Can you believe Pinterest is now the third most popular social network (and to think I thought it would disappear as quickly as it appeared!). Plus it’s great for business!

This new tool can help you manage your time efficiently and does not cost a penny to use.

Have you ever used Google Alerts?

Well, this tool has used the same idea, except instead of selecting keywords, you choose which domains to monitor.

Pin Alerts, will send you an email when images from your website are pinned on Pinterest.

By knowing who has pinned your website content, you can tell them ‘thank you’ and also let them know when new content is ready.

Pin Alerts allows you to monitor domains and real time insights to see what is resonating with your audience.

You can also monitor your competitors to see how often they are getting re-pinned.

In seconds, you can set up your account and be notified. I love this!

Check out the notifications I got yesterday;

Thanks Charity, Valerie, Dharam, Neil, Elle, Alan & Janine!

Much appreciated! ☺

Click the video to play instantly or watch  How to Use PinAlerts on YouTube.

So tell me what you think!

What other tools have you discovered that are improving your marketing efforts on Pinterest?

Leave your comments below!

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