The New Facebook Recommendations Plugin

Aug 14

The New Facebook Recommendations Plugin
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Ey Up! Facebook are on the move again!

With news last week of the changes to the Like button, they also announced a new social plugin, called Facebook Recommendations

This pops up a little box on your page / site, with recommendations of what your friends have liked within the same site.

It’s actually a great little tool for blogs as rather than the header on the right hand side that says ‘Most Popular Posts’, (Don’t click on mine, I can’t get it to work right now!), the Facebook Recommendations Plugin actually shows links to other articles that your friends have ‘liked’ or ‘recommended’ depending on the verb you choose (for this one I like recommended!). Very strong social proof!

So, in this short video I explore how to add the plugin to your site, using both the FB plugin for WordPress (by far the easiest method) and adding it manually by using the plugin code from the FB Developers site.


(Click the video to play instantly or watch The New Facebook Recommendations Plugin on YouTube!)

I hope you have found this video useful and here is an example of that plugin below!

Check out what your friends have recommended on this blog and while you’re at it, please hit the like button on the left, so that others can see what you recommend!!!

Thanks so much!


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