Yippeee! Facebook are Listening!

Nov 03

Yippeee! Facebook are Listening!
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Have you noticed a huge decline in the reach of your Facebook page posts recently?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re not seeing posts from the pages you’ve liked?

There’s definitely been a bit of an uproar about it lately with many complaining about the ever increasing advertising efforts from Facebook!

Ever since the IPO, FB have been placing more and more emphasis on businesses advertising their pages, posts and stories not only to new potential customers but also to their own fans.

Well, it seems Facebook have heard, listened and acted on the voices of many disgruntled customers!

Just this week has seen the announcements of two new features rolling out;

Get Notifications

Pages Feed

I made a quick video showing you where you can find these new features once they have been rolled out!


(Click the video to play instantly or watch See Facebook Page Post in Your Newsfeed on YouTube!)

Let us know what you think of facebooks actions!

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