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Why Should My Business Have A Facebook Presence Anyway?
by Olivia Taylor

Facebook was launched in 2004, and businesses were doing just fine before that, right? Wrong.

Facebook has opened up a wealth of opportunities for users, not only can people use the site to interact with friends and family, but it is also an invaluable tool for building your business ONLINE.

If you're already here, then WELL DONE! You're part of SNA because you recognise the importance of having a strong social media presence to generate interest AND revenue for your business. Never before have businesses had access to such a large number of potential customers all in one place, so we're here to show you how you can huge this HUGE community to your advantage!

Having a Facebook business page is not only about generating new customers- it's about ensuring you keep the ones you have. Facebook boasts over 350 million users, so some of your existing customers are bound to be on there already! Alternatively, if you are setting up an online business i.e. selling social marketing services, then Facebook is a perfect format to promote your business and your secondary blogs and social media applications!

Your business page is about generating a community online. You want your customers to interact with you, but also with each other. Getting people talking is a key contributor to increased online business revenue, building up trust and confidence in your product and user community.

You'll also be rivalling your competitors, if another company offers similar services and are only available to an offline market, you will have the monopoly on the Internet sphere-people want to buy from a product they see EVERYWHERE, just look at Coca-Cola!

Furthermore, having a Facebook business page means that you improve your search engine ranking, which is exactly what you need when customers search for your business!

Your page also acts as an inadvertent feedback machine; your customers can post their questions as well as thousands of love notes about how amazing your business is! This means you can generate a wealth of material that will allow you streamline, de-bug and simplify your business- right from the horses' mouth!

We hope that you have found our article useful and that now you're been persuaded to start launching your business on Facebook!

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